Virtual Meetings

The Town of Windsor is working hard to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak while continuing to provide essential town services to the community. One way we want to keep the community informed is by sharing ways they can continue to actively participate in our local government while adhering to recommendations to physically distance ourselves. If you have questions or comments, we aim to try and address them. 

To start, the best way to participate in a public comment portion of a meeting will be to check the meeting agenda. Information about how and when  you can submit public comment will be included.

Public Participation & Accessibility

To protect bandwidth, we recommend that those who wish to address Town Board via remote public participation do by following the instructions included in each meeting’s agenda.  Meetings are being conducted through Zoom because of its ease of use, accessibility and because participants registration information is encrypted and perceivably safe. While Zoom asks for participant information, we will not use your contact information for solicitation. 

Participating in a Zoom Meeting

Information about participating in the public comment portion will be included with each meeting agenda. If you have questions or concerns prior to a public meeting, you must send them via email no later than 3pm the day of the meeting. Comments for Town Board meetings will be emailed to the Town Clerk. Comments for planning meetings will be emailed to the Planning Department

Here are the steps you will be asked to take to participate in a zoom meeting:

Step 1: Click the link provided in the meeting agenda. It should look like: . The link will change for each time. 

Step 2: When you enter a meeting via the link, you will get a screen that looks like the following. Follow the instructions on the screen. Note: if a meeting requires pre-registration, you may see a form requiring a first name and email address prior to the meeting. Once the form is completed, you will receive a link to join the meeting at the scheduled time.

Zoom Meeting - 1st Screen

Step 3: Once the meeting begins, you will enter the meeting and be automatically muted.

Step 4: When allowed, to offer public comment, video conference participants can “raise hand.” Staff will unmute you and identify you by name or phone number so you can speak during the public comment portion of the meeting.

You can also join the webinar by phone. A phone number will be listed in the agenda when this option is available. You will be prompted to enter the nine-digit meeting number. Then you will be promoted to enter the participant ID.  If no participant ID is listed, press # (pound).

Note: Technology is not infallible. Your ability to participate via the Internet is partially reliant on your bandwidth. To preserve bandwidth and ensure an orderly meeting, only individuals who wish to address Town Board should use Zoom meeting. Anyone who wants to watch the meeting, but not address Council, should view it through the YouTube channel, on Channel 8 or on our website. Ideally, comments should be submitted to the Town Clerk via email per the instructions on each agenda. 

Accessing Live Meeting Broadcasts

The public can view Town Board meetings live on Channel 8 or online at Videos are also available by tuning into our YouTube channel via your computer or by way of the YouTube television app. In YouTube, search for Town of Windsor CO.

Watching a Meeting Via Television YouTube App

Step 1: If you have a smart TV, Firestick or Roku, you can watch public meetings from the comfort of your television. The first step is to access your television home screen and select YouTube.YouTube via App - 1st Screen

Step 2: Enter Town of Windsor CO in the search bar and click the logo.YouTube via App - 2nd Screen

Step 3: Once you’ve clicked the logo, the following screen appears. This allows you to tune into a live meeting broadcast and access past meetings. YouTube via App - 3rd Screen