How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
All requests for police reports must be in writing. There is a specific form that needs to be completed and signed before any copy can be released. You can obtain this form in the link below or from the Police Department.

By Colorado law, we are allowed three business days to respond to the written request. Generally, reports can be available sooner than the three days. Many reports, however, are not immediately available:

1) If a report is still under investigation, it cannot be released unless authorized by the investigating officer.

2) If there are any circumstances where the report would need to be redacted according to Colorado Open Records Act.

3) If the report is in storage.

4) If the report has been destroyed in accordance with the Colorado Archives Destruction Schedule.

The fee for a report is $2 to pull the report and $0.25 per page. If there are pictures associated with the report, the fee to include those is $1 per page, and we put four pictures on a page. We accept cash or checks only.

For traffic accident reports, if you are the driver and/or owner of the vehicle, there is no charge for the report. If you want pictures, however, the same fee listed above will apply.

The completed and signed request form can be emailed to or faxed to 970-686-7478.Request for Release of Information

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