Weed Management

During the summer months, Street's weed management efforts consist of mowing and spraying vegetated areas. Approximately 503 acres are mowed, and approximately 482 miles of roadways, roadsides, right of ways, open space easements, and storm drainage detention areas are sprayed throughout the town limits.

The Town of Windsor does spray throughout the city for noxious weeds and mosquitoes. We are aware that some people are particularly sensitive to anything sprayed and may need to be notified of those spray times/dates. Please visit the Colorado Department of Agriculture website learn more about how this works, and to access the Pesticide Sensitive Registry Application.

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There will be NO SPRAYING when wind speeds reach 5 mph or when weather does not permit.

The main purpose of the weed management program is to help keep weed growth to a minimum by not letting weeds migrate in certain areas, preventing noxious weed growth, reducing sight obstructions for motorists, brush fire management, and for snow drifting. 

Roadside Spraying
Some areas are mowed and sprayed more frequently than others based upon their location and use, such as right-of-way easements, around sign posts and road markers, medians, behind fence lines, shoulders of the roads, and storm drainage detention areas.