Information Technology (IT) 


The Information Technology Division (IT) provides services for Town employees and citizens.The IT Division manages the following information services for Town employees: cybersecurity, websites, system/network administration, helpdesk support, computer software/hardware, GIS, maps, and electronic/wireless communications. 

Example Services for Citizens

  • Utility Service Online Access

    Set up an account to receive e-statements, look at the history of your account, and pay your bill conveniently from anywhere!

  • Windsor Maps

    Easy to use mapping tools that allow you to explore and find more information about the Town. Everything from parks and trails to development projects!

  • Public Records

    Online access to the Town's public records. You can access board and commission materials, building permits, and property information all in one place!

  • Security Awareness

    Your online and technology-related safety is important to us! Here are some links to find more information on this subject:

    Why can't you click on those links? We disabled them because we wanted to let you know that links are a common way cybercriminals try to trick you into going to a bad website. A link can look legitimate but actually send you to a criminals page instead of the page you think you are going to! Always copy and paste links into your web browser to ensure the link is going to the real website. And never click on a link from an untrusted source!

Division Funding

This is a non-major Internal Service Fund, designed to provide goods or services to other funds or departments on a cost-reimbursement basis, isolating the costs of a particular function and then allocating these funds back to the various operating divisions. This is a resolving fund where fund or department assessments become the revenue source for capital purchases and operations.

The division consists of an IT Manager, Network Administrator, three IT Analysts, GIS Coordinator, and a full GIS technician.