Cemetery / Burials

Lakeview Cemetery

32815 Highway 257
Windsor, CO  80550

Since the late 1800s, Lakeview Cemetery has served as a final resting place for residents of Windsor and the surrounding area. Located at the corner of Main Street and Weld County Road 19, Lakeview Cemetery stands as a memorial to those who have called Windsor home as well as those whose diligence and hard work built this community.

For plot availability, to search for a specific gravesite and to view an aerial image of Lakeview Cemetery, visit our Cemetery Map and Burial Lookup tool. 

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Grave Decorations

Decorating grave sites is allowed with the following limitations:

Planting Live Flowers

12.1 Plantings of any annual flower is allowed and encouraged. Any planting must be placed on the ends of a memorial or on the interment side of the memorial. All plants must be located within the actual boundaries of an interment site and may not extend more that eighteen (18) inches from the memorial. Placement of fresh cut or artificial floral arrangements may be placed in approved vases. Vases must be located on the ends of the memorial or on the interment side of the memorial.

The placement of any perennial, shrub, evergreen, tree, or rose is prohibited except with approval of the Cemetery Technician. The Town reserves the right to remove any overgrown or unapproved plantings.

Artificial or Fresh Cut Flowers

12.2 Artificial or fresh cut flowers may be placed in a metal vase at any time, however, they will be discarded when dead, faded, broken or anything of a similar nature. The vase must be set in cement with a maximum of three (3) inch border and within six (6) inches of the memorial or be an actual part of the memorial.

Live Sprays, Wreaths & Christmas Blankets

12.3 Sprays and wreaths made from fresh cut flowers will be allowed, but they will be removed within two (2) weeks, or in the Cemetery Technician’s opinion when they become unsightly or detrimental.

12.4 Christmas blankets and wreaths will be allowed from December 1st through March 1st.

Artificial Sprays & Wreaths

12.5 Artificial sprays and wreaths will be allowed from May 1st through June 20th and from December 1st through March 1st. The Cemetery Technician shall remove all artificial sprays and wreaths when they become unsightly.