Trails & Open Space

Open Space 

Windsor is home to a range of environmental and recreational amenities that help to define its identity and contribute to the community’s high quality of life. The Poudre River, bluffs and arroyos, and large expanses of open space make a significant contribution to the character of Windsor and are critical to both local and regional ecologies. 

Open space consists of protected lands of significant value that are conserved in their natural state, restored or improved with appropriate native landscaping to retain a natural or natural appearing condition, or conserved in quality agriculture.

The benefits of open space include:

  • Preserves the area’s cultural identity, archaeological sites or agricultural heritage
  • Conservation and protection of sensitive environmental features
  • Conserving natural features and protecting lands of high ecological, scenic or cultural value
  • Support of healthy lifestyle choices for all residents
  • Providing visual separation between built areas
  • Limiting development on lands that would adversely affect the community in some way
  • Providing places for local agriculture to continue
  • Preserving scenic views
  • Maintaining Windsor’s rural character and creating corridors for the safe and enjoyable movement of people and animals.
For more information on Windsor trails, see our Trails Master Plan.
Belmont Ridge Open Space


7005 Aladar Drive
Windsor CO, 80550

Belmont Ridge Notes

This is a publicly accessible open space is accessible through Coyote Gulch Park


  • 2.5 miles
  • Soft-surface trail
Kodak Watchable Wildlife


Highway  257 & County Road 19
Windsor, CO  80550

Kodak Notes

Other than the Kodak Trailhead for the Poudre River Trail, the remainder of the property is closed to public access at this time


  • 65-acre natural space
  • Access to Poudre River Trail


Did you know there are over 40 miles of trails throughout Windsor? The town is committed to providing walkers, cyclists, joggers and others that enjoy our trails with safe and enjoyable routes. Explore them through our trails map!

For more information on Windsor trails, see our Trails Master Plan.

  1. Paved Trails
  2. Natural trails
Although most trails are owned and maintained by the Town of Windsor, such as the Windsor Lake Trail, some trails exist in partnership with other entities. For example, the Poudre River Trail exists in partnership with the Poudre River Trail Authority in Weld County (view long range vision), and Larimer County Department of Natural Resources in Larimer County, specifically River Bluffs Open Space. This trail is designated as part of the Front Range Trail in northern Colorado, and resides within the Cache la Poudre National Heritage Area. The Windsor Trail includes various segments on and off road, including along the Greeley No. 2 Canal, Eaton Ditch and Windsor Lake.


The Town of Windsor partners with other agencies to effectively provide services and amenities beyond our scope or boundaries.  This includes such agencies as the City of Greeley, City of Ft. Collins, and the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization Bike and Pedestrian Committee who completed a review of infrastructure in 2013. View the: