Water / Sewer Board


As the Town of Windsor continues to manage growth, access to sustainable, high quality and reliable raw water supplies is vitally important. The role of the Windsor Water and Sewer Board is to review information presented by Town Staff and advise the Town Board from a Windsor resident’s perspective on matters pertaining to master plans, future water supply needs, acquisition and cost of additional water rights, and the costs for operations and expansion of water works systems, such as sanitary sewage collection and treatment systems, storm drainage systems, and water treatment facilities.  

The Water and Sewer Board also reviews budgets and the needs for and drivers behind proposed projects and rate increases, and shall advise the Town Board from the standpoint of acceptability to Windsor’s residents. The Water & Sewer Board shall serve as an extension of and will be guided by Town Staff in the presentation of water education events to Windsor residents on Water Supply, Conservation, and the need and drivers for upcoming projects and rate increases.



Second Wednesday of every month at 6:30am

Town Hall
301 Walnut Street
Windsor, CO 80550

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Bylaws (PDF)


Term Expiration
Janene Willey (303) 726-7634 October 2018 March 2023 
Julie Cline (970) 686-6288 July 2013 March 2021
Greg Bielawski  (330) 336-4131 April 2017 March 2021
Carlos Medina (402) 902-9835 March 2016 March 2020
Milt Tokunaga (970) 744-3007 June 2018 March 2022
Milton Geiger (970) 282-6442 July 2018 March 2023
Darell Zimbelman (970) 204-0723 June 2014 March 2022

Non-Voting Windsor Town Board Liaison: Ken Bennett (970) 686-7519