Additional Maps

These downloadable maps can be large in size and may take several minutes to download depending on your internet connection.


General Use

    Subdivision (<1 MB)
    Last Updated:  July 2017
Outlines all subdivisions within the Town of Windsor


    Trails (<1 MB)
    Last Updated:  July 2016

    Trails Master Plan (<3 MB)
    Last Updated:  July 2016

    Disc Golf Course(<1 MB)
    Last Updated:  April 2016

On-street & off-street trails in and around Windsor

Current as well as future planned trails

Holes & distances for course near Eastman Park


Political Boundaries

    Municipal Boundary(1.4 MB)
    Last Updated:  July 2017

    Voting Districts (<1 MB)
    Last Updated:  July 2016

Current municipal boundaries depicted on a basic street map

 Windsor voting districts as originally delineated and adjusted for annexations



    Development Status by Subdivision (1.8 MB)
    Last Updated:  September 2018
    Land Use (2.2 MB)
    Last Updated:  August 2017

    Road Classifications (<1 MB)
    Last Updated:  August 2017

    Zoning (2.2 MB)
    Last Updated:  October 2018

Residential building permit counts and availability of lots in subdivisions currently being developed.

 Land Use classifications for all properties within the Town's Growth Management Area

Functional classifications for major roadways within Windsor's Growth Management Area

Zoning classifications for all properties within the Town of Windsor


Public Safety

    Snow Removal (<1 MB)
    Last Updated:  August 2017

Snow removal obligation for all Town owned streets