Lakeview Cemetery Master Plan

This is a Master Plan - Design Concept for Lakeview Cemetery. This plan will follow the East Main Street Corridor plan and will enhance the corner of highway 392 and highway 257. It will be the gateway focal point coming into Windsor from the east and the south. The plan follows the historical architecture of what was part of the cemetery prior to the tornado. The plan will incorporate the existing ball field into the cemetery and will include a building to serve as a visitor and information center with a sexton to hold funeral services during inclement weather. It will include historical walkways to improve circulation and establish future walking tours. A visitor’s courtyard will be included on the back side of the visitor center to help accommodate a variety of outdoor events and ceremonies. The plan will also include a Columbarium plaza with a 30' high obelisk sculpture located in the center of the plaza. The building, fencing and gates will follow a Victorian style theme with trees acting as a buffer along the highways and railroad.

Funding Sources:

  • Total project amount: unknown
  • Department of Local Affairs Grant: approx. $10,000 for Master Plan
  • Town of Windsor Capital Funds: see individual budget year

Purpose Statement:

  • To preserve elements of this historic cemetery
  • To provide a visually appealing cemetery and eastern gateway entrance into Town
  • To provide effective and efficient customer service related to cemetery operations
  • To increase options for burial and activities related to cemetery operations

Project Goals:

  • ADA access
  • Design function and flow of various use spaces
  • Provide interior aesthetic of all spaces
  • Integrate sustainable technologies and features
  • Create work space for maximum efficiency
  • Maintain important historic design elements
  • Create column burial options
  • Create interior space for services or meetings
  • Create exterior space for events
  • Create Veteran’s component
  • Provide for onsite record keeping and public access
  • Create private areas for family events
  • Eventual cemetery expansion
  • Restoring historical pathways