Windsor's Strategic Plan

The Town of Windsor's Strategic Plan was first adopted by the Town Board in 2008. Since then it has been updated every two years. This new strategic plan, adopted in 2020, is meant to guide the town's strategy into 2023. 

Our Plan was developed through feedback from our community, review of our existing Plans, the research of data related to growth and development, and over many conversations with staff and the Town Board. A Vision, Mission, and Priorities were developed and affirmed, and they describe both the future of Windsor and how we will get to where we need to be. The Strategic Plan is our foundation for creating more specific action steps to implement our goals.

To learn how Town of Windsor staff are working to accomplish the goals of the Strategic Plan, visit our Performance Dashboard 


Windsor is the hub of Northern Colorado; a safe, unique and special community that offers diverse cultural and recreation opportunities. Windsor is recognized as a regional leader that demonstrates fiscal responsibility, environmental stewardship and strategic excellence.


The Town of Windsor promotes community and hometown pride through sustainable, excellent and equitable delivery of services in a fiscally responsible manner.

Guiding Principles

Community Safety

Windsor ensures that safety of our community is at the forefront of every decision we make. We accomplish this through design, construction of infrastructure, prevention and preparedness. We sustain an active emergency management system focused on prevention, preparedness and recovery with key partnerships in place for effective response during a crisis. We safeguard our infrastructure through best management practices and long-term planning to deliver safe and reliable Town-provided utilities and services.

Fiscal Responsibility

Windsor is committed to sound fiscal management and transparency in all decision making. We plan for future generations through adequate allocation of resources that will allow for operations and maintenance of our facilities and land. We consistently evaluate our resources to maintain a healthy balance of programs and services.

Quality of Life

Windsor has a healthy, active lifestyle that provides opportunities for residents and visitors of all ages and abilities to experience a full array of recreational services and natural resources. We take pride in our well-connected and involved community that truly cares about each other demonstrated by the exceptional customer service of our workforce and the self-respect reflected through the attractiveness of our town. 

Small Town Feel

Windsor thrives on its unique locale and the personal relationships built from years of services together that create and support a friendly and welcoming community. We value collaboration and respect as the foundation of all our interactions. Community engagement is focused on building an opportunity for open and transparent conversations. 


Windsor promotes a community that is diverse, respectful and welcoming. We encourage dialogue and provide opportunities for all residents’ voices to be heard. We operate programs and services that are fair and equitable. We strive to make our services and community resources accessible and to connect residents with each other and their government in a way that makes them feel valued. 

Performance Commitments

Area of Focus: Strategic Growth

Windsor is committed to well-planned and strategically designed growth of our community through a connected transportation system, community buffers, services and amenities that reflect the needs of our Town, and sustainable natural resources such as water. 


  • Assess organizational readiness to ensure a proactive emergency response
  • Establish community separators and preserve open space that ensure Windsor maintains its identity and quality of life
  • Facilitate discussions around growth impacts with special districts and other government agencies, governing boards, and elected officials
  • Assess and address long term capital facility needs

Area of Focus: Vibrant & Healthy Economy

Windsor is business-friendly. We maintain a viable, stable, diverse, and strategic economic base which supports the needs and enhances the lifestyles of those living and working in our community. 


  • Enhance and expand community and downtown vitality
  • Attract diverse and unique restaurants throughout Windsor
  • Promote business diversification in the community
  • Attract balanced commercial development that will sustain the future of Windsor
  • Make Windsor into a tourist destination
  • Implement a public art program
  • The priorities in this area are economic sustainability and vibrancy, infrastructure.

Area of Focus: Sustainable Infrastructure

Windsor places considerable value on its delivery of energy resources, quality modes of transportation, accurate communication systems, efficient water and waste management, along with our Public Works facilities that maintain these services supporting and enabling the high quality of activities enjoyed by our community.


  • Design and implement a well-connected, efficient, multi-modal transportation network
  • Establish alternate routes to diminish truck traffic on Main Street
  • Establish pedestrian and bicycle connectivity throughout Windsor
  • Increase public transportation opportunities for Windsor residents
  • Provide a safe and reliable water supply for the current and future community
  • Adequately maintain and ensure that infrastructure (streets, trails, water & sewer) aligns with growth
  • Ensure equitable parks/trails/open space/cultural infrastructure in all neighborhoods and areas throughout Windsor
  • Invest in the improvement of public space and facilities outside of the downtown area creating additional cultural destination amenities 
  • Support efforts to make the Windsor downtown area a cultural center for public art, events and activities.