Hiring Process

How Do I Apply?

The Town of Windsor posts all available job opportunities and corresponding descriptions online.  If you cannot complete the online application because of a disability, please contact our office at 970-674-6689.

Selection Process

  1. Applications are collected and logged while the position is open.
  2. Once the position closes the qualified applications are forwarded to the hiring manager.
  3. The hiring manager then reviews the applications and resumes and selects the candidates to interview.
  4. Within two weeks the hiring manager usually contacts the candidates they intend to interview by email or phone. Telephone interviews are not conducted in every hiring situation, as it depends on the needs related to the recruitment.
  5. Interviews are conducted, usually over a one-week period, although this time frame can vary, based on recruitment needs and seasonal hiring practices.
  6. The hiring manager generally selects the candidate. In general, the Town makes conditional offers of employment, which are contingent upon successful completion of our background testing and screening process.

Background Screening

Pre-employment drug testing, reference and degree checks, background screening and other verifications are generally required. Background screening generally includes the following:

  • Drug Test
  • Reference Checks
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Driving Record, in some cases
  • Educational/Employment Verifications

Open and Closing Dates

In general, the following applies to position announcements:

  • Open - The position is open and applications are accepted (please note whether positions are posted for external candidates or internal candidates only).
  • Open Until Filled - In general, these positions are announced and remain open until they are filled. Interviews may or may not occur until the "open until filled" position is removed from the Town's website. Often, the position may remain on the website until a conditional offer of hire is made, or the Town determines another course of action.
  • Closing Date - The final day you may apply for the position.  All applications must be at the Town of Windsor Human Resources Department by 11 p.m. on that date, unless otherwise specified in the posting..  
  • Late applications will not be considered unless the position is re-posted. 

Non-selected Applicants

Non-selected applicants are generally contacted by Human Resources or the hiring manager. If you are non-selected for a position, please know that we appreciate your interest and your desire to work for the Town of Windsor. In general, we make an attempt to contact condidates via phone or email after we have successfully hired an individual for the position vacancy.
  • If you have been interviewed you are generally contacted by phone or in person by the hiring manager
  • If you have not been interviewed you may be contacted by the hiring manager or Human Resources by email

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Town of Windsor is an equal opportunity employer. The Town of Windsor does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of age, race, sex, color, creed, marital status,  religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or any other status protected by local, federal or state laws.
The Town of Windsor will make all reasonable accommodations to ensure the people with disabilities have an equal opportunity in employment.