Voting Districts

What are voting districts?

Windsor's Town Board is comprised of seven members: the Mayor, who is elected to represent the entire town, and six board members who represent each of Windsor's voting districts. Board members are elected to four-year terms which are staggered, meaning three members are up for reelection every two years.


The Windsor Town Charter requires that all voting districts be roughly equal to each other in the number of registered voters. Specifically, the district with the lowest number of registered voters must have at least 85% of the number of residents in the largest district.

The town charter also requires that the Town Clerk evaluate the number of registered voters of each voting district ahead of each upcoming general election. If any district has fewer than 85% of the total voters in the largest district, then the redistricting process is triggered.

During redistricting, staff work to create several options for voting district boundaries that are as balanced as possible. The Town Charter requires that any sitting board member—all of whom must live in the district they represent—cannot have their seat vacated because of redistricting, meaning any new district boundaries must still include their primary residence.

Once options for new boundaries are created, they are presented to the Town Board no more than 180 days before the next general election. Once discussed in public meetings, the Town Board then can adopt one of the options to be used beginning in the upcoming election.