Water Efficiency Audits

outdoor water faucet

Complimentary water efficiency audits are now available to Windsor Utility customers. Typically indoor audits are scheduled for the fall and winter months and outdoor irrigation audits are scheduled April through October.

Indoor Audit

All homes could benefit from an audit — but homes that are more than 20 years old will see the most savings. Landlords and property managers are also encouraged to schedule audits at all of their properties. Commercial, industrial, or institutional properties may also get audited. Indoor audits are available year-round.

A water auditor will:

  • seek out leaks and other unintended uses of water
  • look for high-water-use appliances
  • provide new showerheads and faucet aerators
  • suggest repairs, rebates or upgrades

Outdoor Irrigation Audit

An irrigation audit is a series of tests on your automatic sprinkling system to check the performance and determine how uniformly the system applies water to the lawn. The program runs April – October.

Each audit includes:

  • a visual inspection of each zone to identify problems
  • tests that measure how much water is being applied
  • a water pressure check and adjustment recommendation
  • a custom watering schedule derived from the tests performed
  • information about your lawn's seasonal needs for water

By following our audit recommendations, you’ll conserve water — and you should see not only a lower water bill but also a healthier lawn. 

Rebates for recommended technologies are available to audit participants that use Windsor potable water to irrigate with, but the service is free to all residents of Windsor.