Potable Water Master Plan

Potable Water Master Plan

The objective of the Potable Water Master Plan (PDF) is to provide the town’s decision makers with the information needed to make sound decisions associated with its water portfolio. The plan was designed to work in conjunction with the town’s other master planning efforts, including the 2002 Water Master Plan, 2006 Comprehensive Plan, and 2008 Water Conservation Plan.

With Resolution No. 2010-25, the Town Board approved and adopted the Potable Water Master Plan (PDF) with the following exceptions:

 Water Dedication Calculations
When computing water dedication requirements, the town shall use a 70% quota to determine the number of CBT units required for dedication by land developers.

Surcharge for Distribution System loss 
Upon Town Board review in conjunction with the annual budget process and upon a Town Board Resolution confirming that the pace of land development supports such a charge, the town may later resolve to charge land developers a surcharge to offset water distribution system losses. At this time, however, the surcharge will not be implemented.

Shift water dedication policy from 100% CBT dedication to 50% water dedication and 50% cash-in-lieu (CIL) 
Beginning in 2010 and concluding in 2015, the town shall require that raw water dedication requirements be met through an equal allocation between CIL and acceptable raw water units, with the following exception: if ownership of the land in question includes ownership of raw water rights exceeding 50% of the town’s requirements, the developer may use such excess raw water rights to satisfy the town’s requirements, and in such situations shall not be required to tender CIL to the extent of such excess.

Determination of cash-in-lieu (CIL) price each year
Beginning in 2010, the town’s director of engineering shall in his sole discretion from time to time establish the CIL price for town water dedication requirements, based upon a reliable source or sources for the actual market value of water shares in the region. The director of engineering shall publish the CIL price so determined within five (5) days of such a modification.