Expired: Stay at Home Order

On Tuesday, March 17, Town Manager Shane Hale issued a Declaration of Local Disaster Emergency  in response to emerging trends associated with the virus. Details of the declaration include activated response and recovery aspects of any and all applicable local and inter-jurisdictional disaster emergency plans and authorizes the furnishing of aid and assistance.

To access the most current information about the spread and containment of coronavirus in the state of Colorado, visit https://covid19.colorado.gov/.

State Issued "Stay at Home" Order

On Wednesday, March 25, 2020, Governor Jared Polis issued his most extreme "Stay at Home" order (D2020-017) to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The order told Coloradan’s to "stay home" but listed what it considered "essential tasks" as exempt. The order was effective through April 26, 2020.

For Coloradans, the Stay at Home order meant remaining at home, only leaving to engage in activities or perform tasks critical to health and safety, or to the health and safety of family or household members or to go to or return from critical work. In part, the order maintained that residents could leave their home when essential, as long as they practiced physical distancing, to:

  • Obtain food and other household necessities for themselves and their family or household members.
  • Deliver those services or supplies to others, such as, food, pet supply, other household consumer products, and products or equipment necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and critical operation of a residence.
  • Engage in outdoor activity, such as, walking, hiking, biking or running.
  • Perform work for critical industries.
  • Care for a family member, a vulnerable person, or pet in another household, or to care for livestock kept at a location other than an individual’s home.
  • Seek medical care.
  • Pick up food distributed to students through school meal programs.

Here is a link to the State frequently asked questions list regarding the "Stay at Home" order: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16nO05S6q0AGBew32r0NYelifwk11uDMO/view

Guidance for those Experiencing Symptoms

Individuals experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 must self-isolate until their symptoms cease or until they have a negative test result. COVID-19 is spread easier than the flu. You can help slow the spread of this virus by:

  • increasing distance between people to six feet to help reduce spread,
  • considering canceling trips and not attending public gatherings,
  • washing hands frequently with soap and water,
  • covering coughs and sneezes and wearing a mask in public,
  • staying home, and
  • avoiding close contact with anyone who has cold or flu-like symptoms.

As per the order, the town was on Accident Alert until further notice. For those involved in a crash with minor damage, no injuries and no suspected drug/alcohol involvement, residents and visitors were told to please exchange information and file an online report within 72 hours with the Colorado State Patrol at https://bit.ly/3btGtRS. If you were involved in an accident that required assistance, dispatch is available 24/7 at 970-674-6400. Call 9-1-1 for emergencies only.

On Monday, April 27, 2020, the State of Colorado began transitioning to its "Safer at Home" level of physical distancing.