Law Enforcement Updates

Windsor Goes on Accident Alert

ACCIDENT ALERT: Effective Thursday, March 26, at 8am and due to Executive Order D2020-017, the Colorado Stay-at-Home Order, the Town of Windsor is officially on Accident Alert until further notice. 

If you’re involved in a crash with minor damage, no injuries and no suspected drug/alcohol involvement, please exchange information and file an online report within 72 hours with the Colorado State Patrol at If you are involved in an accident that requires assistance, dispatch is available 24/7 at 970-674-6400. Call 9-1-1 for emergencies only.

Be Aware and Cautious of Police Impersonators

On March 28, the Police Department posted the following message to residents:

Within the past few days there have been reported incidents of police impersonators along the Front Range. These impersonators have been stopping vehicles, stating the reason for the stop was for COVID-19 violations. The impersonators are asking drivers for Critical Business, Essential Employee or Essential Travel paperwork and are questioning drivers why they are out driving around.

In regards to these police impersonator reports and the dangers presented to citizens by police impersonators, the Windsor Police Department would like the residents of Windsor to be aware of the following.

If you believe that you are being stopped by or have been stopped by a police impersonator, call 9-1-1, turn your hazard lights on and drive to the Windsor Police Department located at 200 N. 11th St. Windsor, CO.

When speaking with the dispatcher, please give as much information as possible to include the location of the stop or attempted stop, the description of your vehicle, a description of the impersonator’s vehicle and plate number if possible and a description of the impersonator who has or is attempting to stop you. A description of your vehicle combined with turning your hazard lights on helps us to find you if we are close and you have not yet made it to the police station.

It is imperative that you remain calm, follow the instructions given by the dispatcher and remain on the phone with the dispatcher until an officer contacts you.