Campaign Finance Reports

Issue Committee 21 Days Prior to Election  
January 3, 2023
Friday Before Election  
January 20, 2023
30 Days After Election
February 23, 2023
Say No to 200 Finance Report  Finance Report  Finance Report 
Windsor Residents for Downtown Parking Finance Report Finance Report  Finance Report 
CAM - Citizens Against Manipulation Finance Report  Finance Report  Finance Report

While the majority of the Fair Campaign Finance Act (FCPA) provisions are aimed primarily at candidates for statewide office, their campaigns, and an array of statewide political and issue committees, municipalities are one of the government entities required to receive campaign finance reports in municipal elections.  For more information regarding FCPA regulations, please visit the Colorado Secretary of State website.  

Statement of Non-Receipt of Contributions and Non-Expenditures of Funds

Report of Contributions and Expenditures

Statement of Personal Expenditures by a Candidate