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Windsor's Department of Economic Development wants to help businesses navigate the planning process and all the details that need to be addressed before construction begins. See how the Economic Development Department can help you and your business take the next step.

Development Review

Once you find a location that you are considering for your business, a concept review application and meeting with the Development Review Committee (DRC) are highly encouraged. Through the concept review process, town staff will assist applicants with their proposal to meet all town standards and code requirements. All forms of development within the Town of Windsor are required to complete a development review process as outlined in the Municipal Code. In addition, the “Application, Forms & Handouts” link on the Planning Department section of the website provides links to all land use applications and workflows. Windsor Severance Fire Rescue and the town contracted building agency, SAFEbuilt, will be involved throughout the development review process.

Land development, or redevelopment, usually requires site work in addition to building construction. A concept review identifies the process and documents needed.

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You must check the property zoning to be sure your business can legally operate at that location. The Planning Department can verify the zoning of a specific property. You can also find property information online via the town’s interactive GIS map.

The zoning on all property in the Town of Windsor establishes the land use allowed on a specific property. Zoning requirements also control specific development requirements. The zoning and subdivision ordinances, and development and building permit applications are all available on the Town of Windsor’s Planning Department webpage.

You can also view the zoning map on the Town of Windsor website. Under the planning section, there will be the Zoning and Land Use maps for areas within the Town’s Growth Management Area (GMA).

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All development projects require Planning Department review and approval of landscape plans as part of the overall development application. Landscape plans are required to meet town standards, which help to promote the health, safety and welfare of the community. The Tree and Landscape Standards promote the creation of strong aesthetic features in all aspects of development. The town recognizes that landscaping can be used to improve air quality, reduce dust, act as a noise buffer, promote energy and wildlife conservation, visually facilitate traffic flow, promote water conservation through the use of low water adaptive vegetation, and mitigate the impact of otherwise incompatible uses. Stringent landscape standards ensure that the entire community benefits from an enhanced visual experience, higher property values, the protection of existing natural areas, and an improved quality of life.

The Tree and Landscaping Standards (PDF), Landscape Permit (PDF) (if applicable) and the Recommended Tree List (PDF) for Windsor can be found on the Parks, Recreation & Culture Department website in the Forestry section.

Commercial signs

Commercial signs must meet the standard the town has established. There is an application for a temporary sign, building-mounted sign and a free-standing sign. Chapter 16 of the Municipal Code contains the Town of Windsor’s codes for signs.

Traffic Information

The traffic count for a specific street or intersection can be useful in making a decision about where to locate your business. The Town of Windsor conducts occasional traffic counts in some areas, and also uses the Colorado Department of Transportation’s traffic count maps.

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Building Permits

All buildings, most remodels, and most additions to existing structures will require permits. Any change in the use or occupancy of the building or structure must be approved. There are many important reasons to obtain building permits. If your construction project does not comply with building codes, your investment could lose value and also affect the properties around you. Permits and inspections are also done to ensure all safety requirements are met. This may also protect you against an unlicensed contractor. Building regulations can be found in the Municipal Code.

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Windsor Severance Fire Rescue (WSFR)

Windsor Severance Fire Rescue (WSFR) inspects all commercial occupancies to ensure compliance with fire codes. Inspections performed by Windsor Severance Fire Rescue are required for building permits — new structures and tenant finishes — issued by the Town of Windsor, and for all fire protection system permits issued by WSFR for structures in Windsor.

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