Water Efficiency Month Checklist

Water conservation is a necessary practice to manage water resources for the future and it saves customers money over time. Water rates will continue to increase throughout the region, so those who use water efficiently will ultimately use less water than those who waste.

The Alliance for Water Efficiency has a Home Water Works website that gives residents access to the latest tips in water efficiency and a Water Calculator that quickly estimates how much water your household uses and compares it to a similar average and a highly efficient home.   

The Water Calculator also shows you where to begin your home water conservation efforts. Throughout Home Water Works, you’ll find useful tips and resources for saving water and money without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Additionally, the Town of Windsor has developed a Municipal Water Efficiency Plan (PDF) in accordance with the Water Conservation Act of 2004 and to meet the provisions of Colorado Revised Statute section 37-60-126.

As part of CRS 37-60-126, a state-approved plan will qualify Windsor for funding from the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) and the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority for water supply and delivery projects.

Garden In A Box

Choosing xeric, low water plants is an easy way to commit to reducing your outdoor water usage this year. The Town of Windsor is partnering with Resource Central to offer a $25 discount to Windsor Utility customers on Garden In A Box kits. These pre-designed kits are tailored to Colorado soil and include simple plant-by-number maps. Garden kits are limited.  This is an annual program that typically runs March through May and is sometimes offered in the fall. Visit to order your water-wise Garden in a Box today.

Small Group Education

Small groups—particularly educators—can inquire about reserving the Windsor Water Wagon by calling 970-674-5402. The Windsor Water Wagon is a great tool that can help students better visualize the concepts of efficient water use.