Treasure Island Demonstration Garden

Group Garden Tours
If your group or club would like a tour of Treasure Island Demonstration Garden, please call 303-726-7634 to schedule. Tours can have a specific focus such as Plant Select©, xeric© gardening, veggies, or just be a random walk-through to see what is growing and blooming.  Parking is available beside the road for cars or small group buses.  Most of the garden can be viewed from paved surfaces.

Treasure Island Demonstration Garden Speakers
Call 303-726-7634 to schedule a speaker for your group.  Workers at the garden will work to accommodate your requests and/or will draw from master gardener resources.  All speakers will be experienced master gardeners.  

Treasure Island Garden

1560 7th St., Windsor, CO

Treasure Island Garden is located adjacent to Lake Laku, along the Poudre River Trail south of Eastman Park, to view our Xeriscape demonstration area and pick up brochure material to learn how to implement xeriscape principles in your home. See our list of drought resistant plants.

For updates and more information, please visit our Facebook page.