VIN Verification & Fingerprinting Services

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About VIN Verification

The State of Colorado requires a certified inspector or a law enforcement agency to inspect the vehicle identification number (VIN) to ensure it matches the vehicle that is being registered and to verify that the number has not been altered or is not fictitious. VIN verification is usually requested when attempting to register a vehicle with an out-of-state title, if the vehicle was purchased outside of Colorado, or if the vehicle hasn’t been registered for long periods of time. For the verification process, please bring any official paperwork with the VIN — the title, previous registration, bill of sale, insurance card, etc.

About Fingerprinting

Effective Oct. 10, the Windsor Police Department can no longer offer public fingerprinting services.

On Sept. 24, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation implemented the Colorado Applicant Background Service in response to 2017 legislation, specifically Senate Bill 17-189. Under the new program, physical fingerprint cards such those previously used by the Windsor Police Department were no longer acceptable. According to CBI’s Department of Public Safety, two vendors were selected to provide public fingerprinting services for background checks: IdentoGO and Colorado Fingerprinting. Both vendors maintain a list of locations, hours of operation, cost and other details for their services on their respective websites. For information about IdentoGO, visit and for information about Colorado Fingerprinting, visit

VIN Verification Hours

Staff are available for VIN verification: 
Wednesdays: 11 a.m.–1 p.m. 
Fridays: 3 p.m.-5 p.m.
*Closed on holidays, when administrative offices are closed.
VIN verification is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. No appointments will be scheduled.


Town of Windsor residents are provided VIN verification services at no charge. Non-residents will be charged $15, cash or check only. Proof of residency required.