Windsor begins work on water plan

Water. This small, but critical life-sustaining molecule has become a hot topic across the state and nation.

“We take water for granted because it is all around us,” said Dennis Wagner, director of engineering. “But, it is a finite and precious resource.”

With Windsor’s growth, the town’s water future needs addressed now.

Town Board continues to make water a priority,” Wager said. “Their goal is to establish a water plan, which will provide a road map for the future.”

Windsor currently obtains its water rights from two sources: the Colorado-Big Thompson Project and the North Poudre Irrigation Company. 

Windsor owns raw water rights for all existing customers in our service area — 3,400 acre-feet of water. The town will need 15,800 acre-feet of water to meet the demand of our total Growth Management Area build out.

To close the anticipated gap, Windsor is looking at other water source options, including the Northern Integrated Water Supply Project (NISP).

“Windsor is one of 15 entities involved in NISP,” Wagner said. “This project looks nearly 25 years into the future for full build out and includes two reservoirs in Northern Colorado.”

Windsor’s estimated share of the project would be 8.25 percent, dedicating 3,300 acre-feet of water to the town at a $57.8 million price tag.

“We aren’t alone in water future conversations,” Wagner said. “Municipalities across the nation are grappling with growth and how to manage the future of a limited resource. Our goal is to be good stewards of our natural resources, while at the same time preparing for the future.”

More information on Windsor’s water past, present and future can be found on our Water page.
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