Serving with Pride


Employee Spotlight

Our more than 200 full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees serve our community and greatly contribute to making Windsor a great place to live, work, and play.

Each of the individuals listed here are recipients of at least one of our 2017 employee recognition awards, a result of a peer nomination for going above and beyond normal job responsibilities and embodying our core values — Producing Results, Responsibility, Integrity, Dedication, and Exceptional Service (PRIDE).

  • Bob Ball
  • Luke Bolinger
  • Lee Brown
  • Jay Eckhardt
  • Krystal Eucker
  • Vanessa Gonzales
  • John Grashorn
  • Karin Henricksen
  • Mark Herrick
  • Brent Hogsett
  • Paul Hornbeck
  • Aaron Krause
  • Jaci Kremser
  • Meredith Logan
  • Johnny Martinez

LEFT Mark Herrick (Public Works) works to repair a water main.

  • Amanda Mehlenbacher
  • Rhonda McCracken
  • Blake McGrew
  • Ryan Phelps
  • Gavin Rawlings
  • Doug Roth
  • Andrew Stanger
  • Jess Scheopner
  • Lyndsey Shaw
  • Angi Smith
  • Scott Tometich
  • Katie VanMeter
  • Susannah Vargas
  • Jimmy Ward
  • Britt Zimdahl
Data Dive - Employee Services

Each month we feature a different employee and all that they do for the town in our “Inside Look” video series. Check out our Facebook page or YouTube channel for the monthly videos!

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