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  • What is broadband?

Broadband is high-speed internet and 10 to 100 times faster than dial-up. As defined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), broadband must include a minimum of 25 Mbps download speed and 3 Mbps upload speed.

Why does it matter to Windsor?

The Town of Windsor recognizes the importance of broadband services to the community. The need for high-speed internet is vital for our residents, businesses, schools, and health care providers. The Windsor Town Board identified broadband as a top priority for further study in the 2016-18 Strategic Plan

Internet access has grown into an important component of everyday life, rivaling our need for transportation, electricity, and water. In the growing field of technology-based education, Internet use is becoming pivotal at all levels of the education system. The need for high-speed internet also spills over into the home. Whether it is used for doing homework, telecommuting, or running a business, Internet service proves to be an important factor for many households.

Feasibility Study

The Town of Windsor and the City of Greeley have partnered to conduct a Broadband Feasibility Study to determine the need, feasibility, and recommendations regarding broadband Internet services for Windsor and Greeley residents. 

The study, conducted by NEO Connect, will identify several recommendations for improving broadband availability and speeds — identifying potential levels of investment for consideration and options available for increased levels of service. 

We want your feedback!

The Town of Windsor and City of Greeley are conducting a survey to receive feedback regarding residential and commercial broadband or Internet services at your place of work and home. The purpose of the survey is to determine the level of service you currently have, how you use the Internet, what you currently pay, what your current download and upload speeds are, and what is most important to you in regards to high-speed Internet service.

The survey should only take 10 minutes to complete. Results will be shared with the Windsor Town Board and Council at the City of Greeley.

Survey Links 

Public Meeting

  • Thank you to all who attended the public meeting on November 28. The purpose of the meetings were to gather the community’s feedback on existing broadband Internet services available to homes and businesses.The Town met with the following stakeholder groups:
    • Medical Community
    • Schools, Community College, & Library
    • Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Chamber of Commerce 
    • Public Meeting / Community 
  • The initial findings discussed with Town Board at the December 4, 2017 Work Session. 

Town Board Work Session on broadband, November 14, 2016.