Town Manager

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This two day leadership camp is specifically designed for high school students in the Windsor Town boundaries. Students will learn about the many career paths available, how their Town works and the various ways to be civically engaged. Click here to apply!

How it Works

Who makes decisions for Windsor? Plans streets? Maintains the water lines? Designs parks? The answers is everyone has a part in the process. Come learn how you can be a part of it TODAY!

What You’ll Do

  • Go on behind-the-scene tours of Town Hall, Parks and Recreation, Public Works Facilities including Water and Wastewater, Police services and so much more!
  • MEET THE MAYOR, Town Board and other Town Leaders.
  • Participate in interactive presentations and exercises with experts from a variety of Town departments.
  • Discover service learning opportunities such as town planning research, recreation programming, natural area maintenance, and water resource management.
  • Receive advice and insight into career paths in local government.

When and Where  

All over your town on Tuesday, July 23 and Wednesday, July 24, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.


The program is open to all high school students within the Windsor town boundaries.


Contact Jess Humphries at or by phone (970)674-2422.

The Town Manager oversees various projects of the town government, to ensure efficient, quality services are delivered to the community, and facilitates the flow of information from staff to the Town Board as they review projects and questions brought before them.

The Town Manager is appointed by the Town Board as chief administrative officer of the town, and is ultimately responsible for the enforcement of local laws, and the assurance of sound fiscal and operational practices of the town.

The Town Manager's Office also houses the Communications Division. The Communications Division leads the town's internal and external communication and marketing efforts with the goal of fostering outreach and engagement among community members and employees.


  • Utilizes the authority granted in the Charter to carry out the prescribed duties in a professional manner
  • Provides high-quality programs and services to the citizens of Windsor in a cost-effective manner
  • Maintains the infrastructure necessary to support a healthy local economy
  • Develops a highly skilled work force of town employees who provide exceptional customer service
  • Works to ensure economic vitality in both the primary sector jobs and business activities
  • Works closely with other government agencies to achieve common goals
  • Provides accurate and timely information to community members
  • Supports town departments/divisions' visual and communication needs
  • Acts as a liaison for the town with local, regional and national media agencies
  • Crafts strategic communication plans that connect and engage citizens, while promoting town pride and the sense of community Windsor is known for