Site Selection

The information provided here will give you tools and information on how to start the site search for the best location for you and your new business.  There is also information here that can give you access to information to help you in the rest of the process of getting your business started here in the Town of Windsor.

Business Parks / Maps

The following links and maps are provided to show where our Business and Industrial parks are in the Town of Windsor, and also other Community projects and Geographic Information System (GIS) maps.

Foreign Trade Zone Advantages (PDF) and Foreign Trade Zone Fact Sheet (PDF) for the Windsor area


Here is some demographic information available for the Town of Windsor.

Incentives and Financing

The following links gives you information on current Town of Windsor incentives to start your business in the Town of Windsor and some local financial institutions that offer commercial / business financing.


Planning and Development

The Following is a link to the Planning Department for available information on how to start the process of getting your business started here in the town of Windsor.

Real Estate Search

  Contact us at the Economic Development department for a customized search for your business location.


Colorado ranks 48th among the 50 states in tax revenues compared to personal income. The State ranks 18th, with per capita state and local taxes averaging 5% lower than the national average.

Because of its extensive oil and gas activity, Weld County has been able to maintain a real estate property tax level that is significantly lower than the surrounding areas. This translates into a competitive advantage for businesses.

Retail Sales Tax
2.9% State of Colorado (excluding food)
None Weld County
3.3% City of Greeley (including food)
3-4% Local Municipalities – varies

State Corporate and Personal Income Tax

4.63% of Federal Taxable Income

Inventories, Goods in Transit and Intangibles

Not taxed in Colorado and there is no franchise tax

Property Taxes

Industrial/commercial property (buildings, land and equipment) is assessed at 29% of market value (based on a variety of factors). The state does not levy a property tax; however, counties throughout the state do. In Weld County there are 150 tax districts that overlap in a way that creates over 1,522 different tax areas and therefore mill levies which range from approximately 60.000 mills to 148.000 mills. The mill levy represents the dollars levied for each $1,000 of assessed value. For example, with a mill levy of 95.000 mills, the property owner would pay $95.00 for every $1,000 in assessed value.

State Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance tax liability is based on the taxable wage base, which is the first $10,000 of each worker’s wage. If covered for the first time, the tax rate will be 1.7% of the wage base or a rate equal to the industry average, whichever is greater. Upon the 3rd and 4th years of coverage, the rate is changed to a computed rate based on the employer’s individual experience.


The following links give you access to local workforce centers.


Major Employers

-  some of the major Employers in Windsor are;