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Liquor Licensing
Liquor Licensing is administered by the Town Clerk's Office. Liquor licensing involves everything from accepting liquor license applications to processing those applications and holding administrative hearings.

The liquor laws of the State of Colorado restrict the sale and dispensing of alcohol beverages. Any person intending to manufacture, sell, or deal in spirituous liquor in the State of Colorado must apply for a liquor license.

Upcoming Liquor License Application Deadlines
 Authority Meeting Date Renewal
Applications Deadline  Date
New, Transfer, Special Event
Application Deadline Date
  Application Packets MUST be complete to begin processing 
 4/21/14  3/7/14  3/21/14
 5/19/14  4/4/14  4/18/14
 6/16/14  5/2/14  5/16/14
 7/21/14  6/6/14  6/20/14
 8/18/14  7/4/14  7/18/14
 9/15/14  8/1/14  8/15/14
 10/20/14  9/5/14  9/19/14
 11/17/14  10/3/14  10/17/14
 12/15/14 10/31/14  11/14/14

For questions related to license applications or liquor laws contact: