What are the sales tax regulations for a retail business in Windsor?
In Windsor, a sales tax license is MANDATORY when any person is engaged in the business of selling retail tangible personal property, including food and taxable services, to the general public regardless of local presence, prior to the first day of conducting business.

A sales tax license assigns you the right and the obligation to collect taxes for the Town of Windsor. These monies are a public trust and must be remitted directly to the Town of Windsor’s Director of Finance.

Approval of your sales tax license is not “all inclusive” and does not give permission to do business in Windsor. It does not guarantee approval of other ordinances, codes, or regulations in the Town, County or State.

Contact other Windsor Municipal offices, Weld County offices or Larimer County offices, and the State of Colorado for information concerning zoning, signage, health, safety, liquor licensing, etc., as they may pertain to your business.

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