Windsor's Strategic Plan

2014-2016 Update
The Strategic Plan was first adopted by the Town Board in 2008. Since then it has been updated in 2010, 2012, and 2014. The Strategic Plan will be updated again in the Spring of 2016.
    1. Windsor’s hometown feel fosters an energetic community spirit and pride that makes our town a special place in Northern Colorado.
    2. Windsor has a strong local economy with diverse business sectors that provide jobs and services for residents.
    3. Windsor promotes quality development.
    4. Windsor enjoys a friendly community with a vibrant downtown, housing opportunities, choices for leisure, cultural activities, recreation and mobility for all.
    5. Windsor is a good environmental steward.
Mission Statement
The Town of Windsor strengthens community through the fiscally responsible and equitable delivery of services, support of hometown pride, and encourages resident involvement.

Goal 1: Build Community Spirit & Pride
A. Promote safety and security

B. Provide opportunities for residents to be involved and informed in Town governance and in community service

C. Encourage healthy, family-friendly neighborhoods for all ages

D.  Promote a "One Windsor-One Community" philosophy

E.  Lead through stewardship of natural resources

F.  Improve appearance and aesthetics of main corridors

G.  Support Windsor's youth

H. Encourage historic preservation
Goal 2: Promote Windsor and a Destination

 A. Provide diverse and healthy choices in leisure, culture, and recreation

B. Promote creative and artistic outlets
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Goal 3: Diversify, Grow, and Strengthen the Local Economy

 A. Foster business attraction tools and promote the business retention and expansion program

B. Strengthen retail strategies for all commercial corridors

C. Advance employment opportunities

D. Support the Downtown Development Authority
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Goal 4: Develop and Maintain Effective Infrastructure

 A.  Identify and address barriers to traffic flow

B.  Support multiple forms of alternative transportation

C.  Make street maintenance a priority

D.  Pursue water independence
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